Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental and Security Policy

At Dindu Energy Services & Resources Limited we believe that a high standard of occupational health & safety is vital to our success. As such, Occupational Health and Safety is an integral part of our working philosophy. To achieve sound occupational health & safety performance, we therefore commit ourselves to:

  • Providing resources to achieve set objectives and targets;
  • Continue to develop the competency of our workforce and provide appropriate protective safety equipment for all work activities;
  • Avoid loss by identifying, assessing and managing risks associated with our operations to employees, contractors, the environment and our community;
  • Managing our business to keep risks to physical and mental health to a minimum;
  • Involving our workforce in the promotion of health and safety;
  • Meeting and striving to exceed all legal, safety requirements and standards;
  • Adequately preparing for emergencies;
  • Annually reviewing the management system and its policy to ensure we are aligned with our objective of continuous improvement;
  • Communicating our performance to all employees and relevant, interested and affected parties; and
  • Ensuring that every employee, contractor and visitor is aware of this policy.