Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing is known to be more profitable especially for small-to medium-sized businesses. It saves businesses from the difficulty associated with finding credible buyers for purchased equipment whenever there is need for an upgrade. It is also an opportunity to save working capital and conserve funds for other productive purposes.

As an emerging Oil and Gas services company, we understand that heavy duty equipment’s are very expensive, especially for small-to medium-sized businesses so we have made available our cutting edge equipment’s for our clients to lease at very affordable rates. We have available for lease, dredging equipment’s, pile driving equipment’s, compressors, generators, haulage trucks, small utility vehicles excavators among others.

Dindu Energy Group’s equipment leasing services provides a lifeline for cash-strapped businesses in need of tools to drive their businesses. Our services also save clients from bearing the cost of servicing and maintenance.

Our Mission

To execute safe, timely responsible, sustainable and cost effective services.

Our Vision

To leverage on technology and our expertise and acquired knowledge and experiences in providing services to the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria and West African – sub region