Dindu Energy Group carries out cargo handling and storage of a wide variety of goods. By combining various modes of transportation- air, road, rail, sea- which ever mode is preferable for clients and most appropriate for the nature of the goods, we provide customer oriented solutions to our clients.

We specialize in loading, staging and unloading cargo and baggage on airplanes, trucks, trains, and ships with care and on time. We work in all weather conditions and operate a variety of equipment, including trucks, forklifts, conveyors and baggage tugs. Loaded cargo can include luggage, mail sacks, and animals among others. Our handlers and employees are trained to effectively operate modern technologies and specialized equipment to make easy the handling and storage of cargo and baggage of different sizes.

Our handlers possess outstanding interpersonal skills, problem solving, organizational and communication skills. They also have the ability to multitask in order to effectively and safely transport goods from one place to another.